IMF recommends tax hikes in the middle of a recession!

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF), that supranational monster that socialists want us to believe is a great friend of free markets, is recommending poor Central American countries to hike taxes in the middle of a recession.

According to IMF Assistant Director Miguel Sabastano, since we're transitioning very suddenly from an economic cycle to another, this requires [governments] to be very conservatives in terms of their availability of external financing. Therefore Sabastano recommends to strengthen tax collection and macroeconomic stability.

So, here we have a high officer of an institution supposedly promoter of free markets, recommending hiking taxes in the middle of a recession. Because that's what "strengthening tax collection" means effectively.

Tax collection and tax hikes are not market-friendly policies, they are instead state-friendly policies. So, next time someone tells you the IMF promotes free markets, you can point this person to this very simple fact.

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